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Bad Beauty Habits

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As a beauty blogger, you would think I knew everything and was good at everything to do with makeup. Well, uh.. no. That’s a big fat NO for you. I am by no means an expert makeup–person. There are heaps of makeup-y things that I just completely suck at, and sometimes it’s kind of embarrassing that I’m that bad. Before I go on any further, I have to disclaim that I am not a qualified makeup…

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Desk Spaces

New post up, FINALLY! Desk spaces :D @FBLbloggers #bbloggers #bbloggersau


Hey lovelies,

Long time no blog! I’ve missed you all so much D’:
Hope you’ve all been swell!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been seriously drowning in uni work and haven’t had time to just sit and blog. I’m barely ever home, so I don’t ever have the chance to take photos, or even buy beauty products either! Horrible, I know! But recently, since I’ve been studying all day, every day, I forced myself…

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The Instagram Edit #19

Monday post up now! The Instagram Edit #19 @FBLbloggers #bbloggers #bbloggersau


Happy Monday! This past week marks my last week of holidays. I’ve been on holiday since mid-November last year, and although I’ve had plenty of busy days throughout that time, I’ve also had plenty of times staying at home relaxing. Half of the week, I chilled at home, and the other half I went out and actually socialised with people. I think I spent it well, knowing it was my last week of…

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Currently, I’m… #6

Happy Sunday lovelies! How has everyone’s week been? I’ve decided to end this blazing hot week with an update of my currently’s.
I was in a parade today. It felt weird #unda #notredame #oday2014 #fremantle photo credit to ashleigh :) x
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